What Keeps Austin, TX WEIRD?

Graffiti Wall in Austin Texas
Graffiti Wall in Austin, Texas

The city of Austin, TX is nationally known for being “weird”, but what does that even mean?? Austin has kept the reputation of proudly supporting their local businesses, and especially the ones that may be more eclectic than your typical boutique. Today, we’re sharing some of Austin’s weirdest attractions to provide you with a unique list of places to visit when you go!

HOPE Outdoor Graffiti Gallery

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! What do you do when life gives you an abandoned construction project? You make it into a dope colorful art gallery for the whole public to enjoy! During the mid- 1980s, the HOPE Outdoor Graffiti Gallery started out as a condominium project, but the abandoned walls and foundation provided the perfect canvas for local graffiti artists. HOPE, a non-profit group aimed to connect creative people with numerous social causes, acquired permission from the property owners to start revamping the space for public mural painting. Today, this famous plethora of artwork attracts hundreds of people everyday to come and see this unique art space. 

Congress Bridge Bats

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the attraction for those afraid of bats!

Underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge lives about 1.5 MILLION bats; the largest bat colony in North America! This is perhaps one of the most unusual tourist spots in the city. Throughout the March to November nights, gaze upon the millions of bats that emerge from under the bridge to cover the sky as they search for food. You’re guaranteed to see this attraction on the hottest and driest nights in August where swarms of Brazilian free-tail bats blanket the sky. 

Uncommon Objects

Austin’s most famous antiques mall is Uncommon Objects. Opened in 1991, this special boutique homes all types of goodies and memorabilia that are actually for sale! You can find anything from costume jewelry, boxes of old photographs, and even pinball machines! It’s a collector’s dream! Uncommon Objects is truly a one-of-a-kind emporium aimed to provide you with genuine and quirky objects of America culture.  

Check out their website here!

Chicken Shit Bingo

Definitely a unique attraction! Austin hosts the very special event of Chicken Shit Bingo. Located at Little Longhorn Saloon, you can anxiously watch a bird’s random pooping pattern and if you’re lucky enough, it might land a BINGO! Yes, it does seem strange, but you can walk in for yourself and join the local hype as they huddle around the game arena. You can join fans from all over the world every Sunday from 4pm-8pm to observe the legendary game of chicken shit bingo! Kids welcomed!

Cathedral of Junk

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! But what about 60 tons of trash? In 1989, Vince Hannemann started constructing the Cathedral of Junk. At first, he used junk he previously collected himself, but then people started to supply him with their unwanted goods as well! The Cathedral is forever evolving, but currently you can see multiples rooms and towers made of junk! Many have complain about having towers of junk in community, but inspections have proved that the structure is completely safe! Today, you can rent the Cathedral of Junk for parties, and even weddings! Or you can simply visit this unique piece of architecture with a $5 donation fee.

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